Soccer& English Study Abroad in 2021

 Short-term English study abroad

In 2020, "foreign language" will be officially adopted as a subject even in the upper grades of elementary school, and the number of parents who are focusing on English education for children is increasing. While many children go to English conversation classes after school, "parent-child study abroad" is also attracting attention as parents and children study abroad to study English living in the local environment. We have been conducting "Petite Study Abroad with Mom" ​​since 2014. Parent-child study abroad is to study abroad with parents and children to learn English and experience different cultures. Depending on your child's English level and personality, we will allow you to enter a local school and take the same lessons as the local children, join a community orchestra or soccer team, and naturally blend in with the locals to improve your English.


We also arrange homestays. The whole family can travel with only mother, child and children.

n recent years, with the compulsory English education from elementary schools, there is an increasing tendency to want children to come into contact with English from an early stage. . Also, for families who want to learn not only through learning but also through various experiences, and who want to go to the site to learn English and have an experience with their children that cannot be done in Japan。We offer "petit study abroad" from the week. You can choose a hotel stay while studying abroad or a homestay for a wealthy local family, so you can experience different cultures even in a short period of time and spend a fulfilling time in the magnificent nature of Australia. We are doing it. . For those who wish, we also carry out inspection tours before studying abroad at any time. Plan your child's future as if you were traveling.

Going to a local school, joining a community orchestra, or joining a soccer club while studying abroad is very effective in improving your English.  




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