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A message from an astronaut

(For young people aiming to become astronauts)

Our generation of astronauts are working hard on the International Space Station program.

There will come a time when we go to the Moon and then to Mars.
Even if our generation manages to reach the moon, we must pass the baton to your generation to get to Mars.
Great possibilities await you.
You may hit a wall, but try to overcome it.

JAXA Astronaut Akihiko Hoshide

"We are happy to announce that Nakagami Akiko has been selected as one among the “10 Most Inspiring CEOs from Japan Fostering a Culture of Innovation in 2023”. from Florina Davis, Content Coordinator Apac Entrepreneur

Akiko Nakagami invited to the travel fair by TTG  Italy, and it is an honor to attend Oct 6~15/ 2023


We are pleased to announce that the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan has relocated to Kyoto, where our space travel research institute is located  March 2023

The Truffle tour 2023 in Urbino, Italy,  Oct 21/2023  (Details pdf)


Selected as the model company for workcation from Miistry of and, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Happy Trump Tour is a special partner of Trump Hotels, where you are guaranteed the best luxury stay.

New York trump hotel.jpg

New York

Trump LasVegas.jpg

Las Vegas


We planned and landed a trip for a customer from India.


We planned and held a reception for the president of the Japan Medical Association at the Chicago Trump Hotel.

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