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space trip

January 2021 Happy Trump Tour has started a space travel-related work based on Space X's 8-day ISS stay space travel.
Akiko Nakagami, our representative, graduated from the graduate school of the University of Houston near NASA, which has produced many astronauts.
After graduating from the same graduate school, he founded AS21 (Aero Space 21st Century) in Houston.

From the spring of 2023, we will introduce space travel by Space X and others to many people as soon as possible.

Space travel application form

If you are interested in space travel, please fill in the necessary items on the right and send an email.

Currently, space travel is being carried out by several companies, but we will arrange something that matches the budget, travel period, pre-training period, etc.

There is no age limit. The personal information you provide will be treated confidentially and handled with care.

Matters to be filled in and replied to

(1) First and last name (written in katakana)

②Email address

③Mobile phone number

④ Address

⑤ Zip code

⑥ Date of birth

⑦ Occupation Place of employment Brief profile

⑧ Adventures experienced so far

⑨ Select the year in which you would like to travel to space.

(㋐ 2023-24 or ㋑ 2025 onwards)

(10) Please circle if you would like to receive pre-training for space travel.

( ) I want to receive pre-training

Mailing address

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