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クイーンズランド州政府観光局 賛同


“Foreign language” has been officially adopted as a subject since the upper grades of elementary school, and the number of parents who put effort into their children's English education is increasing. While many children attend English conversation classes after school, more and more attention is being paid to "parent-child study abroad," in which parents and children study abroad to learn English in a local environment. Since 2014, our company has been conducting the “Petit Study Abroad with Mama” program. Parent-child study abroad is to study abroad with parents and children to learn English and experience different cultures. At our company, depending on the child's English level and personality, they can enter a local school and take the same classes as local children, or put them in a community orchestra or soccer team, so that they can naturally blend in with the local community and improve their English level. I'm here. We also arrange homestays in Australian homes. Even the whole family, mother and child, of course only children can travel to Australia. Depending on who is the main study abroad student, the way you spend your time in the country will change. We customize our study abroad program according to your wishes, your child's English level and personality. Children aged 2 to 10 are asked to be accompanied by an adult relative such as their mother or father. There are also programs where children can participate by themselves. Even if the main purpose is to learn English, the feature of “parent-child study abroad” is that you can travel as casually as if you were traveling abroad.

Also, for those who wish,   before studying abroadInspection tour are also carried out at any time. Please plan your child's future with a sense of travel.

 Selectable homestay & hotel stay


You can choose to stay in a homestay or a hotel during your study abroad period. The host family introduces a wealthy local family. You can enjoy interacting with an elegant family in a gorgeous home.


For customers who wish to stay at a hotel, we will introduce a place to stay according to rank. Among them, there is a luxury hotel that our company has a special contract with. The hotel is known as the most luxurious hotel on the Gold Course and has been awarded 5 stars by Forbes. You can be satisfied with everything from the interior to the amenities. Please enjoy a slightly different stay of study abroad and hotel stay. We will arrange it according to your budget. Please send any questions to


 Education that emphasizes raw English and “thinking”

The experience at a local school is a chance to expose your child to real English.

A distinctive feature of Australian education is the emphasis on maximizing the individuality and potential of each individual. It would be great to be able to touch the education of ′′ thinking ′′ by yourself, not the education of ′′ remembering ′′ in Japan. There are also families who are seriously thinking about long-term stays as a result of short study abroad.

  Rich environment blessed with nature



The Gold Coast is Australia's premier resort area, boasting a mild climate with an average annual temperature of 24°C and 300 days of sunshine. It is an environment surrounded by nature, such as the sea where dolphins and whales come, the beach where you can enjoy surfing all year round, and the national park registered as a World Natural Heritage Site. Interacting with bright, open and generous Aussies will be an irreplaceable experience.

Access from Narita on JetstarDirect flight (9 hours)   It is good because there is!



Target: 1 mother, 1 child (5 to 10 years old)
Duration: 2 weeks

・ Homestay or Hotel & Homestay
・ Queensland government primary school tuition (2 weeks)
・ Entrance Examination Fee Total from 300,000 yen

*Airfare is not included

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